Upon arrival at any International border crossing or International airport you can obtain a visa for entry to Cambodia. The process is simple.


Two types of visa are available – TOURIST & ORDINARY (formerly called a business visa).

On the visa application form you simply check the box for whichever visa you wish to apply.


TOURIST VISA – $30 USD valid for stay of 1 month and can be extended only 1 time for 1 month.

ORDINARY VISA – $35 USD valid for stay of 1 month and can be extended for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months.


For both types of visa you are required to supply a passport sized photo. There is no requirement for any other paperwork


E-VISA – can be obtained online at

This electronic visa is a tourist visa and can be extended for 1 month only 1 time and costs $38.


EXTENSIONS can be obtained at the immigration office near the airport in Phnom Penh and will take around 2 to 3 weeks to process. There is no list of charges available. This is why visa extensions are usually done with the service of a travel agent.

1 month and 3 month visa extensions are single-entry and for Tourist Visas (ET) only.

6 and 12 month visas extensions are multiple entry and are for Business Visas (EB) only.

There are no restrictions on the number of extensions you can have.


VISA OVERSTAY is charged at $10 for every day that your visa has expired when you extend or exit the country. This is not a problem for short overstays and will not cause any problem in the future.

Some overland exit points might try to impose a fine for not having a valid visa. This is not legal.




The first visa is always valid for only 1 month. On the visa there is a start date, this is the date that you may enter from, not the visa start date.


Overseas embassies, border crossings, agencies etc can not provide you with a 3 month or more visa.

Beware…. many people have been led to believe that they have a visa valid for 3 months only to find that it is valid for only 1 month.


At the time of entry at an airport or border crossing, the immigration officer will put 2 date stamps in your passport. 1 stamp will be on your departure card that is stapled into your passport, the other will be on a page usually opposite the page with the visa. Be sure to check that these dates are correct. Mistakes can be made. These dates are your date of entry and the duration of your stay – normally 1 month.


If arriving by land, the immigration officers or their “assistants” will often charge more for your visa. At the Hat Lek/Koh Kong border crossing from Thailand, they will demand payment in Thai Baht and will ask for 1500THB for a tourist visa and 1800THB for a Ordinary visa. This is a well known scam that has been operated for many years.

Most border crossings will request a small fee for their service.

The “extra” charges are well reported in publications like The Lonely Planet and many internet sites. Please refer to these for specific advice.



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